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Study the Fundamentals of the „I AM“ Teachings in our 2 month program

You have read the first three Volumes of the Saint Germain Series and are ready to dive all in?

Deepen your direct connection with your "Mighty I AM Presence" even more with our 2 month Fundamental Program and prepare yourself for your future Violet Flame Classes. 

Saturday February 19, 2022 

 What the "I AM" Fundamental
Program includes

7 two-hour Classes full of Ascended Master Instruction that help you deepen your connection with your

"I AM" Presence

2 Q&A-Sessions where you can ask a European Sponsor all your questions

Each Class consists of 15 minutes Violet Flame Decrees, beautiful songs and the reading of the Fundamental Lesson


Voice of the „I AM“, July 1943

"Until mankind have set themselves free they need to hear the repetition of These Laws. Until they have made themselves Master of the Fundamentals, they need to hear it, until that has given them the Self-control and Mastery in which they no longer need it; and when they do not longer need it, the other information will be given, you may be sure of that."

Your Requirements

To participate in these unique and comprehensive seven Fundamental Lessons, you need to have read the first 3 Volumes of the Saint Germain Series and have had a (online) conversation with a sponsor nearby.

This program is about sharing Sacred Knowledge that helps raise the Earth into its Crystal Golden Age. Therefore it is a free gift of Love and does not cost anything for its participants. No hidden fees.

All students from North and South America please contact to participate in their Fundamental Program.  

Fundamental Sign up

Sign up for our free 2 month
Fundamental Program

Saturday February 19, 2022 


  • For 8 Weeks, every Monday, 2 hour live Classes

  • Streamed via Zoom from an “I AM Sanctuary” in Europe

  • The Lessons will be held in English 

  • The program is for free

  • No hidden costs involved

All Students from North and South America please contact if you are interested in participating in the Fundamentals.

Get in Touch with a Sponsor near you 

We would like to invite you to a private call with one of our sponsors to answer any questions you may have, talk to you further about the Teachings, and how to get started with the "Fundamental Lessons".

Sponsor Talk
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