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Holy "I AM"

Melody: Silent Night by Franz Gruber


GREAT "I AM"—Pure God Flame,

Source of all, Great Thy Call,

Coming now into the Earth,

Raising all into Light's Birth.

Blaze! Thou "Great I AM,"

Conquer all now by Thy Flame!


"Mighty I AM," Glorious "I AM"!

Loose Thy Power, every hour!

All-consuming by Love's Holy Light,

Make the Earth pure, dazzling, and bright.

Cosmic Hour of Love!

Raise all to Thyself above!


Cosmic Light! blaze forth bright!

Through each day, light the way,

For mankind in Love Supreme;

Blaze! Oh, blaze! Thou "Great I AM"!

Come! O Unfed Flame!

Heart of the "Mighty I AM"!



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