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The Life of Jesus, the Christ


For more than 70 years, the “I AM” COME! Pageant, on the Life of Jesus the Christ, has been given annually in the outdoor G. W. Ballard Amphitheater, with magnificent Mt. Shasta (California) as a backdrop.


There is no other such presentation in continuous offering to mankind anywhere on the Earth.  Those who have seen or participated in the presentation feel the Momentum of Beloved Jesus and His Tangible Presence in and around this event and locality, as He pours thru all for the continuing upliftment of humanity.

Based on the book, The Prince of the House of David, and the Books of the Bible – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John – the Pageant shows the Experiences and the Example that Beloved Jesus left to mankind, including a live, visual depiction of the Ascension.


“I AM Students” from countries around the world, travel to Mt. Shasta each Summer to re-vivify this amazing Story. The Pageant is presented free of charge to the public.



This beautiful, powerful “I AM” PAGEANT OF THE ANGELS – also given annually, during the same weekend as the performance of the “I AM” COME! Pageant in Mt. Shasta, California - depicts the unlimited Service of the Angelic Host to mankind.  Not only will you feel Their Loving, Wonderful, Living Presence with you, but you will learn more about Their Qualities and Attributes, as they assist and protect constructive persons, places, conditions and things in this world.  Call the Angelic Host to be with you at all times and They Will Be!

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