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Find Your True Identity
and Be Free!

Study and Apply the Original and Life-Changing Ascended Master’s Instruction on the "Mighty I AM Presence" with our Online Study Program.


Master of your


Utilize the

Creative Powers

of God


Purifying Life's


Are you ready for positive change in your world?

You try hard, but you don’t seem to be in control of your thoughts and feelings?

You have an inner urge to understand Life, but sometimes you don’t seem to have the right answers?

You want to make the world a better place, but you don’t know how to make a real difference?


Chart-of-the-mighty-i-am-presence Kopie.jpg

This Chart represents You –
Your True Identity!

Every human being on this Earth in every embodiment has sought how to make his permanent contact with God, which is Light! Will you tell Me how many people have ever done It? They have intermittent flights of inspiration and felt Its Touch very much; but no one was able to hold It, and no one can until he understands the source of Light! This Chart represents you! It gives you the correct Idea of your own Presence – your "Mighty I AM Presence" – with God!
- Beloved Saint Germain

Everyone has the same Supreme Privilege of Contact with the All-Powerful Presence of God!
- Beloved Saint Germain

"We have gone through all the experiences that you go through"

"The Ascended Master is an Individual who, by Self-Conscious Effort, has generated enough Love and Power within Himself to snap the chains of all human limitation."

"We as Ascended Beings, being the Vanguard of humanity, have gone through all the experiences that you go through, having attained by this identical Application."

- Beloved Saint Germain

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The Ascended Masters and Your Purpose of Life

The Ascended Master is one who has lived here – just as you are doing now – and Who has mastered the Energy of Life in all circumstances and conditions. 

With the Help of other Masters before Them, each of these Great Beings were able to “graduate” from this schoolroom of existence and literally move UP, Ascending, into a Higher, Wholly Perfect Octave of Existence. 

THIS, Dear Friends, is the Purpose of Your Life!  
This is the True Purpose of every person on this planet.
We can raise into a Perfect Realm of Happiness, Beauty, Perfection, Harmony and Peace.