About Christmas

Beloved Jesus, CD 2251

And we come at this time of the year to give that greater impulse of Love and you have much to be encouraged about My Dear Ones, for I think never has there been such a worldwide acceptance and feeling of Love at Christmas time as it is this year and that should be very encouraging to you all. There is a greater acceptance in mankind today of the willingness to look to the Light, a willingness to want more of this Perfection of Life than there has been since the last Golden Age and it is very gratifying to Us. That is because as the earth is nearing the time when the greater Wave of Light will pass through the whole system it is like a needle jumping to the magnet, when you reach a certain nearness of the magnet, the attractive force over the last portion grows very much more powerful than it does a little way out and the Love of the Cosmic Christ is calling Its own unto It to give greater Release and greater Power at this time. This has many, many affects upon mankind and one that we are hoping to intensify as much as possible is the sustaining Power of World Peace to keep destructive forces from focusing again into enough combined action to start more destruction.

Godfre, Voice of the I AM 2015-12

What I am saying tonight, because We are trying to bring, this year, into outer physical conditions while the people's attention is upon Christmas and the acknowledgment of Beloved Jesus, We are trying to bring an added Cosmic Intensification of all Activities of the Sacred Fire that bring that Love into the consciousness of mankind – which means into the feeling – to consume hate. Because of the continual disturbance through communistic and atheistic activities, the hatred being generated is far greater than you understand. Therefore, We are drawing the Sacred Love of the Sacred Fire into that energy wherever We can through individuals whenever they are harmonious, to help consume the hate in the atmosphere that causes so much disaster. Do not add a feather's weight to the discord in the atmosphere of Earth at this time, I plead with you!

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