About Success and Happiness

Rose of Light, CD 2154

So, never feel, my Dear Ones, that you are caught in a whirlwind of a condition and there is no way to extricate yourselves and if something seems to have failed, turn away from it and just forgive it, forget it, lift it into the Violet Consuming Flame and then facing your Presence again, say to it: "Now, I demand the Victory of your Illumining Presence in me and around me, you start into action now, whatever is necessary to bring me something very much better and to hold the Victory of your Divine Plans Fulfillment, the enjoyment of my Life!"

Now, if you want success, you are going to have to be happy, you mustn't wait, to think you are happy until after the success is arrived. You have to put the happiness into it, in order to produce the success, don't you see? Of course, when there are too many bills and obligations, you feel, you are not too happy. So you don't very often put happiness into them. But if you were to contemplate, how happy you would be, if there were all taken care of, for that's the feeling we want you to pour into them and that's the feeling that would turn them into the miracle of being paid and bring the happiness to you that's permanent.

Oh, Dear Ones, we want to take you out of this condition of eternally solving problems, problems, problems, problems. Oh could you hear the calls that come to us in our octave. Oh, help me to solve my problems and we help you to solve them and tomorrow or next month you got another whole fresh crop, almost twice as been. Crop after crop, season after season have we solved those problems. Now, let us get rid of them. You should go forward in the great activity of the universe, enjoying your great Powers of Life, but never feeling, that they are your problems. Problems carry the sense of weight and struggle and uncertainty in trying to get rid of them. And if you are going to get rid of  them, you got to have the Victory of the Illumining Presence of your Mighty "I AM" and you've got to have the Power of our Perfection and the Power of our Love to hold you steady, until the right ideas come thru, that remove the problem permanently. Precious Ones, now there is no use fooling yourselves, there isn't a person sitting in this room, who if we released you from every problem tonight, unconditionally, that you wouldn't have by the end of the week another fancy assortment.

Concerning the current world situation:

Arcturus, Vol 6 Discourse 8 p. 116 once said:

Do not accept reports, I plead with you, dear ones, in the newspapers or otherwise. Do not accept any report that is less than Perfection which comes forth to your ears or your eyes. Every time a report of limitation, distress or disturbing thing comes, still yourself for an instant and say:

" 'Mighty I AM Presence,' I refuse acceptance of that into my world or America! Take it out! Stop it forever! and do not let it occur again."

You precious ones, if you will do that individually, as you become aware of these things, Oh how quickly will they cease to act in your minds, your city or your country.

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