Beloved Jesus' Easter Poem

Blessed Master Jesus

In preparation for Easter's Cosmic Dawn,

Beloved Master Jesus had consciously drawn

Forth Cosmic Power and Light from His Great Height,

To Bless, Protect and Enfold all by His Light.

To the Source of Life we give our Adoration, our Love,

And bring forth the Cosmic Sacred Fire from Above.

The Children of Light hear Jesus' own call,

His Glorious Words Illumining, raising all.

" 'I AM' Come and stand ready to help set you free;"

Your Life and Its Power are full Victory!

Be fearless and dauntless; Do all I have done!

'I AM' ever your Scepter! 'I AM' Come, you have won!"

Children of Light! remember well in the coming days,

Jesus' Promise to all "Lo 'I AM' with you always;"

" 'I AM' the Resurrection and the Life;"

These Memorable Words are priceless "Jewels of Light".

With Mary, He stands ever awaiting the call

To shower His Love, that we must give to all,

His Transcendent Peace, His Forgiveness, which no one can ban

Leaves us kneeling to our Love, Jesus, "I AM".

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