Explanation of Decreeing: „Tell Us what you want, and We will help you rise into it.“

Updated: Aug 15

Mighty Victory says:

„Call unto Me and I will answer Thee!“

„Ask and ye shall receive.“

„Seek and ye shall find.“

„Knock and It shall be opened unto you.“

What more could Life give you or offer than those constant reminders that your „Mighty I AM Presence,“ the Ascended Host, and all Life which is above your physical octave, says, „Tell Us what you want, and We will help you rise into it.“

Golden Oil Lamp with Flame

What is a decree?

Beloved Saint Germain:

Now, understand this: You call in prayer to God and then constantly annul it by discord and viciousness in the feeling. You see how and why you have not had the results from your prayers! Prayer is a certain quality, but it is a supplication. A Decree is the Acknowledgment of the Power of God acting in you – as different as daylight and darkness.

Beloved Lotus:

A Decree is either a Fiat of the Voice of the "I AM Presence" speaking through us, or a direct Call to the Presence and the Ascended Masters whose help we require!

… we should always remember we are using the Divinest Word in all Creation, which is God’s Name, when we say “I AM”!

… every Decree you give is a FLASH OF LIGHT from the “Beloved Mighty I AM Presence”! – From Its Heart, Head and Hand, down through the top of the head and out through the spoken word ...

What occurs when we decree?

Beloved Saint Germain:

Every time you send a Decree forth, that it goes into action in the mental and feeling world of mankind—just as definitely as if you threw a stone into the water and watched its pulsations go forth; then you will feel the greater Power! It goes forth and acts in the mental and feeling world of mankind, just as definitely as you write down a word with pen and ink—but in that there is no resistance. It just goes into action; and since the mental and feeling world of mankind are one, it acts.

Beloved Godfré:

… it takes your spoken word and the intense desire of your Hearts, or the feeling and desire of your Life charging that Word into the ethers around you, to stir into action all Life everywhere which moves into outer manifestation that which fulfills your Inner Call. Life demands the action of the spoken word, and the pressure of your feeling into the atmosphere of Earth, in order to be the Light Ray which comes through into Our Octave and opens the door from your Octave of Light, through which We can pour the Fulfillment of your Calls.

Why should we hold the picture in our minds?

Beloved Elohim of Purity: Do take time enough, Precious Ones, in all your Decrees, to visualize the Picture of the completed action you desire. To just speak the words without holding clearly in mind the finished Picture for which you call, is only half of the Power required. If you dwell with great joy in the Picture of something you desire, and then you still the outer, remembering that the Universal Light-Substance that you call air is about you, but which We know to be the Pure Electronic Substance of Light – Precious Ones, that is like a photographic film. When you get perfectly still in your mental and feeling world – even like you have to hold a camera still if you are going to get a good picture – if you hold the outer self still and then photograph or impose or impress upon the Universal Light-Substance the perfect Picture you desire, and then hold it there through Love, you concentrate your energy into the Picture. Your love, which is its cohesive action and the Universal Light-Substance, will respond.

Beloved Lotus:

You should always hold the picture of that for which you are decreeing. Your picture held in the mind is the “Cup” into which the Great Ones can pour the substance and energy to bring forth the manifestation of that for which you ask. “Without the vision the people perish.” Without the picture held in the mind, there is no receptacle into which your answer can be poured. This is just as necessary as speaking the words.