Explanation of the „Mighty I AM Presence“, Your own God-Self

Beloved Saint Germain, Voice of the „I AM“, October 1952

Every human being on this Earth in every embodiment has sought how to make his permanent contact with God, which is Light! Will you tell Me how many people have ever done It? They have intermittent flights of inspiration and felt Its Touch very much; but no one was able to hold It, and no one can until he understands the source of Light!

This Chart represents you! It gives you the correct Idea of your own Presence – your „Mighty I AM Presence“ – with God!

1 The Upper figure in the Chart represents the Electronic Body of the „Mighty I AM Presence,“ which is the Individualized Focus of God who creates the physical body.

Each individual has an Electronic Body – a Body made of Pure Universal Electronic Substance of Light focused and projected from the Great Central Sun, around which our Sun is one of seven.

... the Electronic Body [...] is a Being of such Blazing Light and Substance that your physical eyes could scarcely stand the intensity of the Light, except for just a moment.

2 The Circles of Color around the Electronic Body represent the Causal Body. This is the accumulated good of all previous embodiments, and is composed of all substance constructively used in previous lives. It is a reservoir of energy constructively qualified, being the sum total of all previous self-conscious effort toward Perfection.

3 Between the flesh body and the „Presence“ is the Higher Mental Body, a Form just as tangible in Its own Octave as your flesh body is here, but not illustrated on the Chart. It is your Discriminating, Selective Intelligence. The Higher Mental Body knows the Perfection of the „Presence,“ and also the imperfection – the undesirable creation which the human has drawn about itself – but will not accept the imperfection into Its World.

4 The lower figure represents the human or flesh body.

5 From the Heart-center of the Electronic Body flows a Stream of Life – Essence or Liquid Light – which enters the physical body through the pineal gland, and fills the nerve channels. This 'Liquid White Fire' flows through the nerves, as blood does through the veins. This beats the heart, moves the muscles of the body, and enables one to walk or raise the hand. It is also the energizing Light within the brain-cells. The Life-Stream of the body has often been referred to as the 'Silver Cord.' So It is, for the Stream of Liquid White Light pulsates continually through the flesh body by way of the nervous system. At so called death, the 'God-Presence' withdraws the Stream of Liquid Light, and the flesh disintegrates. Mankind does not like to hear this Truth, but the waste of the Life-Energy through uncontrolled feeling is the cause of the disintegration of all physical bodies outside of violence.

The Ray of Light which goes from the Heart of the „Presence“ through the top of the head, anchoring within the Heart of the flesh body, is the Life, the Light, the Substance, the Energy, the Intelligence, and the Activity by which the physical body has Life and is enabled to move about.

When your attention goes to the „Mighty I AM Presence,“ this Ray of Light and Energy begins to intensify and expand until the Point of Light within every cell of the flesh body responds to It. Then the process of throwing off the denser qualities of the flesh body begins.

6 As this intensifies, the Radiance forms a Tube of Light about the flesh body.

You can call the „Presence“ into action to make It so Invincible, so Impenetrable, that even a bullet cannot penetrate and no human thought, feeling, or suggestion can penetrate It or disturb you in any way. This is one of the greatest needs of mankind today.

7 The Violet Flame flowing up, through, and around the lower figure represents the Violet Consuming Flame, which is released by your „Mighty I AM Presence“ when you call for Its Action to be passed through you and your world to consume all discordant creation, past and present.

- Excerpt from different Explanations of the Chart from Godfré and Lotus Ray King; Voice of the „I AM“, February 1936, February 1937, February 1941 and Volume II: „The Magic Presence“

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