How to qualify whatever water you drink

Great Divine Director, Voice of the „I AM“, May 1987

Will you as a matter of habit or acceptance, qualify whatever water you drink at a meal or any time you drink a glass of water, with the LIQUID LIGHT from the Ascended Masters' Octave?

Say to your "Beloved Mighty I AM Presence":

I ACCEPT in my feelings that You have qualified this water with LIQUID LIGHT, and

It fills me with That which you know I require to maintain Perfection.

When you drink a glass of orange juice, qualify it with the

Golden Sparkling Light, and make it more than just the spoken word.

While you speak the Words, hold the picture, and FEEL DEEPLY THAT

SUBSTANCE has come in from Our Octave into the LIQUID! Give It a

little time and then as you drink It, you will drink two substances – that

which is of your physical fruit, and That which is from Our Octave.

So in using This, feel that you are actually drinking Cosmic Light!

Also, qualify the rain when it comes as LIQUID LIGHT, and

demand it carries Its Purifying, Energizing Action into the ground itself.

Your acceptance and recognition and use of the LIQUID

LIGHT will become a Natural Power of regeneration for you, which

means Youth, Beauty, Health and Strength.

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