"I AM" the Resurrection and the Life

Beloved Saint Germain, Volume III, Discourse II

When Jesus said: "'I AM' THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE", He gave forth one of the mightiest Utterances that can well be expressed.

When He said, "I AM," He did not refer to the outer expression, but He did refer to The Mighty Master Presence - God Within, because He repeatedly said: "I OF MY SELF CAN DO NOTHING, IT IS THE FATHER WITHIN - THE 'I AM' - THAT DOETH THE WORKS."

Again Jesus said: " 'I AM' THE WAY, THE LIFE, AND THE TRUTH," giving recognition to the One and Only Power - God in Action within him.

Again he said: "'I AM' THE LIGHT THAT LIGHTETH EVERY MAN THAT COMETH INTO THE WORLD," prefacing every statement of vital importance with the Words -"I AM."

Contemplating "I AM," as anything and everything you wish to be, is one of the mightiest means of loosing the Inner God Power, Love, Wisdom, and Truth, and setting It into action in the outer experience.

Again, let us refer to His Mighty Utterance, perhaps one of the greatest ever spoken into the outer expression: "'I AM' THE OPEN DOOR, WHICH NO MAN CAN SHUT." Do you not see how very vital this is, when you come to review understandingly, these Mighty Statements?

It seems incredible, that in the recorded statements, accredited to Jesus, which were only a part of what He really gave forth, that so few of humanity would receive the mighty import of those wonderful Words of Wisdom. At no time in the history of the world, have so many Mighty Statements been given, as He taught. Every one of these, when conscientiously used, holds within it the attendant Radiance and accomplishment with which He attained. You not only have this power of the "I AM," but His individual Assistance also, when these Statements are used. One should often contemplate the true meaning of these Mighty Statements of Jesus. When once you understand that your thought, feeling, and expression of "I AM," sets the Mighty God Power in you into action - without any limit - then you receive that upon which the desire is fixed.

Saint Germain, Voice of the „I AM“, Nov. 1950

During the three days - two days before Easter and Easter itself, tremendous outpouring will anchor into the structure of the Earth. I wish you to accept It with all the Love and devotion of your Hearts! Whenever you think of the disturbing conditions of the outer world, see them held and controlled by a Hand of Light, from which pours the Substance that stops all destructive action! The Substance is the Cosmic Light! May It concentrate with such Power at dawn on Easter morning, as shall compel the shutting off of any further action by the destructive forces.

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