When the "I AM" Power and Presence is set in motion

Beloved Saint Germain, Discourse No. VII

I say to the students in all sincerity, there is no possible way of attaining a quality or a desired attribute without claiming it. The outer has drifted into a limited consciousness of declaring it did not have the desired quality and of course it could not manifest it under those conditions.

The thought of the student often is: "Well I have been holding this idea for a long time, but it doesn't manifest, it doesn't work."

This is positive proof that somewhere in the consciousness there was lurking a doubt, possibly unknown to the individual.

I tell you that no matter what appears on the surface, if you will continually with firm determination claim the quality, condition, or things you desire, and go right on claiming them with that firm determination, they will find expression in your use, just as certain as you do this, but I cannot urge you too strongly always to keep on guard in this matter, for the outer, when you have tried a thing for a few hours, days, or months and it seems not to have appeared, immediately begins to say: "It's no use, if it were going to have acted, it would have by this time." Such a thing as failure is absolutely impossible when you have set the Power of the

"I AM" - God in you in action to accomplish a given purpose, if you hold unwaveringly to it with determination.

Many times, I have seen students nearing wonderful achievement, wonderful Victory and Freedom, and this outer attitude of, "not yet being accomplished," would rush in, get their attention, to such an extent that it would either retard greatly their progress or shut the door indefinitely.

The student should compel himself or herself to hold before the mind this Truth: that when the "I AM" Power and Presence is set in motion, It can no more fail in Its Accomplishment than the Universe stop its activity. For this "Mighty I AM Presence" to fail in Its Accomplishment would mean that the Universe would instantly be thrown into chaos. Such is the Certainty and Power of the "I AM" accomplishment. It simply cannot fail unless the outer obstructs the way.

Every student should guard with great watchfulness that he does not use the "I AM" in negative expression for when you say: " 'I AM' sick, I have failed, 'I AM' not accomplishing this thing as I should," you are throwing this mighty energy into action to destroy the thing you wish to accomplish. This always happens whenever you use the word "I" for that is the release of the Universal Power.

Knowing that the "I AM" is you, then when you say: "My head aches, my stomach is out of order, my intestinal tract is disturbed," you are throwing the energy into those parts to act according to the thing you have decreed; for when you say "MY," it is the same energy acting, because there is only one person who can say, "I" or "MY," and that is you decreeing for your world.

Any expression which can only be used for yourself is including the energy and activity of the "I AM" Presence." The correct attitude to take, if some organ seems to be rebellious, is to instantly declare and hold fast to it: "I AM the only and Perfect Energy acting there. Therefore, every appearance of disturbance is instantly corrected." This is the important point to keep before the student.

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