MOTHER - a poem by Godfré Ray King


by Godfré Ray King

How precious, the name of Mother!

Chancel for souls of men,

Who come Life's paths to conquer

And rise above Earth's sin.

The Love that comes from Mother

Flows forth in joy to all;

She stands by those she worships

No matter how great the fall.


How wondrous Thy Gift, Oh Mother!

The temple not made with hands,

The Chalice of Cosmic Essence

The Law of Earth demands.

With Love and Light Transcendent

Poured out to souls on Earth,

Can all gain God's Great Wisdom

Attained through each new birth.


Majestic, Thy name Oh Mother!

The soul's great strength in flight,

Thou hast caught Light's Ray descending

Flashed down from Heaven's far height.

Each one must gain Full Mastery,

Must conquer all human strife

And rise at last Victorious

The "Presence" and Lord of Life.


Thou Mother! art Queen of Heaven,

Sweet Parent of Love so pure,

Thy patience and great endurance

Is strength and anchor sure,

God's Armor and Great Protection

For those you hold most dear,

To guide in Paths of Glory

Above Earth's care - Earth's fear.


Great Blessings are thine, Oh Mother!

Thy Heart is purest gold;

We hold Thy name in reverence

In Thy Love, we must unfold,

All rising higher and higher

Our goal we must attain

And enter the Gates of Freedom

In Cosmic Light to reign.


Sweet, precious, beloved Mother!

Of daughters and sons of men

Thou rarest of jewels, we love Thee

Crown Jewel of God's Diadem.

You lift this World with your glory

So Angelic your smile, so sweet

We feet in your Blessed Presence

As though kneeling at Jesus' Feet.

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