Oh, if people only knew what the Water Element did for them

Mighty Neptun, „Voice of the I AM“, March 1945

Do you quite comprehend the Water is an Element that conducts electricity as just its Natural Function? Why do you suppose it does? Because electricity or Electronic Force traveling thru water compels purification; and water is the most amazing conductor of electricity! That is why in a rain storm, there is a certain amount of electricity coming down with the rain and burning out of the atmosphere some of mankind's hate and human creation of impurity!

Do you know how much you absorb that Electronic Force in water? You absorb a great deal of it in a bath. Why do you feel better after a bath? Because the substance of impurity has been taken away from you by the Electronic Force in the water.

Oh, if people only knew what the Water Element did for them, they would be so grateful; but they use these Divine Gifts as just a matter of course without the slightest feeling; some from one lifetime to another using it all the time, and never one conscious moment of realization, of what they owe and ought to give back to the Universe for the Blessings it brings.

How do you feel when you don't get a drink of water for a long period of time? How long do you live without water? Then do you not think it is wise, to understand more of its service and purpose on the Earth, and try to co-operate with its Original Purity and its Service to Life.

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