The great prophecies of the centuries

Our Beloved Saint Germain once said:

Ever since the end of the Second Golden Age, there has been this struggle period time after time. In every period of the world's history, there has been the struggle between Light and the shadows, and will you please feel, that there is no longer any energy being allowed to create the shadows. Do you know why? They are still manipulating certain discordantly qualified energy in the atmosphere of earth, and in the feeling bodies of the people - the emotional bodies, but that is energy which has already been drawn and qualified destructively. Life is not supplying any more energy to individuals for destructive action. All they can use is what they have already drawn.

- Beloved Saint Germain, 1946-07

He continues:

The great prophecies of the centuries, in fact the end of the prophecies and their fulfillment is at hand; and from the fulfillment of the prophecies, God having spoken through man, will arise the Kingdom of Paradise of Heaven upon Earth. The period of the struggle of creation, in the throes of this new birth, will be swift and to some terrible in its mighty manifestation, but know that it will bring in its train Peace, Happiness, and the Light of True Understanding to the mankind remaining, which is sufficient to make everyone rejoice that through the centuries of this great expectancy, the righteous reward and devotion to God in man is bringing its true fruition.

- Beloved Saint Germain, Voice 1936-08

Beloved Archangel Michael says:

If you saw, as We do, the Activity in the Inner, the feeling world of mankind, you would understand how magnificent is the achievement that is going on, and I say to you beloved students and friends, regardless of all in the appearance world, be not discouraged!

We are gaining a Victory and Mastery never known on this earth; and since Life has demanded that all destructive individuals be revealed; the destructive individuals and

dictators of the world see and know that they are being revealed; and that their power is waning! Every day, they realize they are coping with Invisible Forces over which they have not the slightest power; and I happen to be One of Those!

- Archangel Michael, Voice Nov. 1942

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