The Lord Maha Chohan

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Beloved G. W. Ballard, Round Table

The word "Maha Chohan" means Great Lord - He is the Great Lord, the Great Being who has the Authority and the Power to sustain and control the Powers of Nature, the growth of the plant life on this Earth. And He is spoken of as the Lord of the Five Rays.

He has control of the God of Gold, the God of Nature, and the Great Beings who direct the Forces of the Elements. They all work in cooperation with Him to give the energy which grows our trees and our food and the plant life that pours forth oxygen and other elements from within the plant life that mankind breathes in and sustains - helps to sustain the life in the atomic structure of the physical body.

Lord Maha Chohan, Voice of the “I AM“ January 1943

Bless your gardens! Bless your trees and see how much more beautiful, they will become. Then, you will correct and annul the discord of mankind which has registered in nature.

Give this decree for nature:

I LOVE AND BLESS NATURE! (3) (Repeat after each line)

Oh, Lord the Maha Chohan!

The Forces of Nature each one!

Its ever-expanding Power!

Its increasing beauty each hour!

God! free all those Beings by Light!

Raise earth to Freedom by God's Might!

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