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Beloved Saint Germain ("Voice of the I AM,"® July 1936) says:

I think it well to again refer to the octaves of thought, for these exist within the atmosphere the same as the strata exist within the Earth. I think it may be wise to define to some degree these octaves.

The first we shall mention is the octave of crime, which is the thinnest in spite of all appearances at this time.

The second is the octave of hate— considerably thicker.

The third is the octave of anger —much thicker.

The fourth is the octave of criticism and condemnation — still much thicker and is the prevalent octave in which a great number of humanity move unknowingly.

From this on up, we begin to enter the "Light"; and we find the octave of toleration, which is the will to give everyone freedom in thought and speech.

Then we enter the octave of joy, where we find ourselves rejoicing exceedingly in the recognition of the God Power in us.

The next is the octave of Pure Love, from which we feel unmistakably the Presence of God, the "Mighty I AM Presence," acting. From this we come into the octave of Perfect Happiness.

Whenever we allow our consciousness—which means our thought, feeling, and spoken word—to dwell in the quality of any one of these octaves, we not only have of that quality whatever we have generated, but we open ourselves to the entire outpouring from that octave upon which we dwell. This means the full accumulation of that quality generated by the mass of mankind—past and present. This exists within the atmosphere above the surface of the Earth in which all individuals live and move.

This simple illustration will show how necessary it is to govern the thought, feeling, and spoken word, and make determined effort to enter into the higher octaves of consciousness. When we do so, we find that through these octaves—from tolerance on up — there is a condition just like a funnel with the small point down, direct from the Godhead which is constantly pouring Its Presence, Energy, and Substance into these octaves.

All octaves below that of Love are the creations of mankind — not God, the "Mighty I AM Presence." Mankind is the only one who attempts to divide God. God, the "Mighty I AM Presence," never attempts to divide Itself.

God is all—everywhere present — to everyone who will accept this fullness of the "Mighty I AM Presence."

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