The True Explanation of GOD

Updated: Jul 3

Beloved G. W. Ballard (Our Beloved Messenger), 1937 RADIO BROADCAST No. 1 Down through the ages, mankind has thought of God as being everything from a kindly old gentleman sitting on a golden throne, to a great abstract principle or impersonal force working blindly and heartlessly throughout the world. We bring to you, dear ones, the Perfect logical, acceptable, heart satisfying eternal Law and Truth of Life, the True Explanation of God, as given us by Saint Germain, Jesus and the other Ascended Masters.

From out the Heart Center of Infinity comes forth the Individualized Presence of God, clothed in a body of Pure Light Substance. This Electronic Body abides immediately above every human being on earth and pours down into the human form, the Life, the Light, the Substance and Energy that enables the physical body to move, breathe and have Self-Conscious Life.

This Individualized Focus of the Great Supreme Source of all Life, is the "Mighty I AM" Presence. This is the God-Self of every man. In this way, God Life governs the Universe by the Individualization of Itself, which every human being is in Reality. The withdrawing of this Presence – the Life energy – from the human form is what we know in the outer physical world as death. The eyes and ears of the body after so-called death, may remain in perfect form, yet the body can neither hear nor see because the Great Stream of Energy which flows down from the Presence and allows the body to see, hear and move about, has withdrawn. This is what Jesus referred to when He said: Of Myself, I can do nothing. It is the Father within that doeth the works, for He recognized and knew that Great Presence of God, the "I AM," and to It gave all acknowledgment in all accomplishment.

The "Mighty I AM Presence" of every individual, no matter what the worldly estate, is Almighty, Limitless Intelligence focused and dwelling in an Electronic Body of Blazing Pure Substance and Energy. This is the man referred to in the Bible, who is made in the Image and Likeness of God. It would have been a sad looking God indeed, if the human form of man was what had been referred to as God's Image; but now we KNOW that It is this Blazing God - Presence, dwelling immediately above every human form in full Perfection which is the Divine man.

This Individualized God-Self projects the attributes of Itself down into the substance of the physical world, creates a body and operates it through the physical senses. It loans the physical body the use of certain attributes and endows it with an intellectual and Heart Consciousness, through which the God - Self should be allowed to expand Its Light and Perfection and which It always does, unless interfered with by discordant feeling. If you doubt that this Great God Presence stands willing and ready to fulfill every constructive wish of your heart, the Ascended Masters say to you:

If you will call your Presence into action three times daily - earnestly - for five minutes, keeping your feelings harmonious, inside of ten days you would have the evidence in your own experience so strong that nothing could turn you aside.

Say to your Great God Presence which is above you: " 'Mighty I AM Presence'! release into my world as Your Glad Free Gift of Love, this constructive thing which I so earnestly desire." Do this three times a day for ten consecutive days with deep feeling, keeping yourself harmonized and the sure and certain answer to this call will be all the proof you will need, to know that what we tell you is the Eternal Truth - the Law of Life.

Through the use of this eye picture of the "Mighty I AM Presence", you can more quickly comprehend It, and release Its Mighty Power in Its Fullness through your body to heal, bless and release Its Perfection out into your world and to all you contact.

You may ask: If each human form has a Perfect God Presence pouring into it God's own Perfect Substance, why is not the human being the out-picturing of this full Perfection?

Here Blessed Ones, is the most illuminating Understanding of the LAW OF LIFE ever given to mankind. That Perfect substance and energy from the Presence, as It flows into the body of the individual, would remain Pure and Perfect and always out-picture Perfection; if it were not for the requalification, through discordant feeling and inharmony, with which the individual clothes his God-given Energy.