There is no exception to the Law of the Universal Energy

Beloved Mary, Voice of the „I AM“, April 1977

Mankind was never short of anything in those first two Golden Ages. There was no poverty; there were no wars; there were no armies or navies; there were no penal institutions or hospitals of any kind. There was no insanity; there was no lack.

Mankind, from that Divine Estate as they descended into embodiment in this World, lived the first two million years on this Planet as God intended and fulfilled the Divine Plan; and during that time the Ascensions were many each year from the mass of the people.

Then, when they turned away and the feeling came within to hold the energy of Life of the body as their own and they wanted to be an authority separate from their Source, did the discord begin and the limitations began to chain them. That which they held as their own that belonged to the "Presence" has now held them away from the "Presence."

Do you not see what they sent out must come back against them? Divine Order and Law operate in Infinite Space and do you think mankind is an exception? There is no exception to the Law of the Universal Energy and the Conscious Directing Intelligence of the Infinite Scheme of Creation. There is no law or anything of human law that can change that; but because mankind has forgotten why they are here and where they are supposed to go and what they ought to do, does not remove the action of energy nor its law of manifestation from the Universe.

Beloved Mary, Voice of the „I AM“ April 1977

Oh, mankind in great distress has called to God. Yes, they have called, "Oh, God have Mercy"; and they have asked: "Oh, God, free us from this thing." But Oh, they do not ask for illumination. They do not ask for the understanding of Life which will enable them to stop doing the things that have chained them; and until they ask, all We can do is pour Our Love upon them and keep calling the Law in and around them for them to accept as much as they can from time to time.

Through one type of severe experience after another, little by little, there comes a Light in the brain when the experience is so great and they turn again to God. And again We pour Our Light, Our Love and Our Blessings, hoping each time that before they pass out of the body they will take their determined stand to know the Truth of their Life and understand so Life can set them Free.

Oh, it is heart-rending. And if We were not Ascended Beings, We could not stand up and watch it century after century, if We did not know the ultimate Goal of Perfection

must someday be their Destiny.


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