We came here to save the Earth!

Our Beloved Saint Germain once said:

That Violet Consuming Flame can compel mankind to awaken from their human desires and make them know they must go Godward at this time, because there is a Consciousness within that Violet Consuming Flame that will compel mankind to understand and that's what they require. The intellect has become so clouded with human concepts due to the discord in the feelings of the emotional body that it has lost the understanding of that Violet Consuming Flame which mankind had long centuries ago. Now with your Demand for the Power of that Violet Consuming Flame to compel mankind to behold Its Miracles and Its Manifestations, It will force them to understand, and the misconcepts of human creation will have to let go.

- Saint Germain, Voice of "I AM" April 1998

Beloved Sanat Kumaras Words:

We have come long centuries ago to redeem the Earth, and We have stayed through the centuries. Do you not think We will complete Our Task? We did not come here to fail! We came here to save the Earth and with your assistance It can come much sooner than mankind realize, if you will assist Us in This which We have explained today! Do you think the Great Beings from Cosmic Heights of Eternal Perfection leave Their Divine Estate to come into the lower atmosphere of Earth and aide two and a half million years in the human creation of this world without knowing Our Victory before We came? Do you think We know failure? Never! In Us is the Sun of Victory, and that Violet Flame Love shall make the Earth Victorious, likewise, with your assistance, and Our Love shall never be withdrawn, so long as you call It here!

- Sanat Kumara Dictation 1777, Nov. 14th 1954

And Beloved Saint Germain continues:

Let Me tell you a secret! It isn't nearly so difficult for mankind to see that Violet Consuming Flame as you might think. There are many individuals who are not "I AM" Students who can be made to see that Violet Consuming Flame just as easily as you can see anything as you walk along the street. There are millions that We can make see that Violet Flame. When enough of It fills the atmosphere, the lower atmosphere of Earth, they'll see It, mark My Words! So don't hesitate to call all the Power you want of that Violet Consuming Flame! Demand all the Miracles you want of that Violet Consuming Flame! Demand all the Manifestations you want of that Violet Consuming Flame, and compel Its Victory revealed to mankind through yourselves, through your affairs, through all your outer activities, till mankind understand It and know Its Reality and bow to Its Power and Authority. It must come! We do Our part from Our Octave; and therefore if you demand the Presence of that Violet Consuming Flame made visible to everything that lives, mankind will awaken and learn what they need to know!

- Saint Germain, Voice of "I AM" April 1998

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