What happens when the Ascension takes place?

Mrs. G. W. Ballard says:

At the moment of Ascension, the Light from the individual's own Electronic Body releases through the physical flesh body, so powerfully that the vibratory action of the physical is increased to a rate in which no imperfection can register.

Then the discords and imperfections simply melt into the Perfection of the Light, which is the Pure Substance from the individual's own "Mighty I AM Presence."

Where the physical body has red blood in the veins, at the moment of Ascension, it becomes a Liquid Golden Light pouring Its Radiance through the flesh until the Rays of Golden Light fill the aura.

The Light within the heart then begins to expand and intensify, until It fills the whole body and out to some distance around the body.

The gravity pull of earth can no longer affect it, the body rises into the atmosphere and follows the thought, going instantly wherever the individual desires.

As an airplane propeller, when its speed is increased generates enough power to over-come the gravity pull of earth, so does the increase of Light in the flesh body generate the same kind of power to lift the body into the atmosphere. The Light in the body is That Power and over It nothing on earth has control.

When one awakens in the morning, he can give praise and thanks that he is one day nearer to his Ascension. He can form the habit of qualifying all the energy in his Being and world with the Victory of his Ascension, for the more recognition he can give it, the quicker will he attain it.

He can say often: " 'Mighty I AM Presence!' take complete possession of my Being and world – NOW! – prepare me and see that I make my Ascension as soon as possible."

This will open the way for greater assistance to be given him.

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