When you say "I AM", you set God into action

Beloved Leto, The Magic Presence, Volume II, Chapter X, about the Great Creative Word „I AM“:

It is the „Word of God“ through which all creation takes place; and without It, creation does not take place.

Mighty Archangel Michael, Voice of the „I AM, January 1939

The Words „I AM“ are the Mightiest Words in any language that ever has come forth in the use of mankind in four and a half million years. They are the Power of Light! They are the signal to all Forces of Light, when you utter those Words, to come into action at your point in the Universe. They are an Acknowledgment that you are God Beings and the Power of Light in you is the Power of God, the „Mighty I AM.“

Beloved Saint Germain, The Magic Presence, Volume II, Chapter II

Only the Son of God, which means the individual with Free Will, can decree as God decrees and say, „I AM.“ Whatever quality follows that sound, spoken in the ethers, becomes a manifestation in the world of substance, and thus becomes a form.

… If the Decree is always for Perfection, then the experiences in the individual’s world express the Fullness of the Plan of Life; but if the individual does not send forth that Decree, it is impossible for that Perfection to outpicture in his experiences, until the Decree is released into the ethers in which he lives.

Every individual can think Perfection at every instant, if he only will; and it takes no more substance and energy to build beautiful, perfect forms and experiences than it does the imperfect. But if the individual wants this Perfection expressed in his world, he must use his own energy to utter the Decree which will release that Perfection unto him. Such is the „Law of his Being,“ and nothing can change it.

Beloved God Tabor, Voice of the „I AM“, January 1947

The Full Power of the Great Creative Word "I AM" was explained to you when you came forth into individualization from the Great Central Sun! You were told, that in the use of the Great Creative Word "I AM," when that sound goes forth from your Heart's Flame, and from the Flame in your forehead, every Electron in the Universe obeys you. Each Electron is a Point of Light, which is Life. It is intelligent and is created to produce Manifestation when you say: "I AM." Every Electron will then rush to you at your point in the Universe, to fulfill your command!

Beloved Saint Germain, The „I AM“ Discourses, Volume III, Chapter I

When you say and feel „I AM,“ you release the spring of Eternal, Everlasting Life to flow on Its way unmolested. In other words, you open wide the door to Its natural flow. When you say „I AM“ not,“ you shut the door in the face of this Mighty Energy.

… when you make a declaration using the words „I AM not,“ you set into motion Mighty, Limitless Energy that continues to act, unless it is recalled and the imperfection consumed and transmuted.

Thus you can see how important it is for you to know what you are doing when you thoughtlessly use wrong expressions; because you are using the Most Divine Principle of Activity in the Universe – „I AM.“

Mr. Rayborn, CD 2088

If you will remember that when you say "I AM" it is the Voice of Life, and wherever you speak It, or think It or feel It, you are that Life announcing Manifestation. Now people do not quite realize that when I say "I AM", when the outer self says "I AM" thus and so, that that is Life, their own Life announcing manifestation …

… Therefore, if you stop and realize when you say "I AM" thus and so, you are the Voice of Life announcing the manifested condition which you acknowledge. Therefore, in the future I would be more and more and more careful that you do not allow any acknowledgment to follow that word that you do not wish to experience as an outer physical condition. Because of the incoming Cosmic Light everything is going to act very much more rapidly in the future than in the past, whether it be constructive or otherwise.

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