Who are the Ascended Masters?

Updated: Feb 19

Beloved Saint Germain, Volume I

The Ascended Master is an Individual who, by Self-Conscious Effort, has generated enough Love and Power within Himself to snap the chains of all human limitation; and so He stands Free and Worthy to be trusted with the Use of Forces beyond those of human experience.

They are all the word ‚Master‘ implies

These Glorious Beings, who guard and help the evolving human race are called the Ascended Masters of Love, Light and Perfection. They are all the word ‚Master‘ implies, because by bringing forth the Love, Wisdom and Power of the God Self within, They manifest Their Mastery over all that is human; hence, They have Ascended into the next Expression above the human, which is the Superhuman, Divinity – Pure, Eternal, All-Powerful Perfection.

He has passed out of the octave of vibratory action in which mistakes can occur

Beloved Saint Germain, Volume II

The Ascended Master is absolutely infallible at all times, because He has passed out of the octave of vibratory action in which mistakes can occur, for He has become wholly Divine. By the raising of His Body, all atomic structure has been changed into the Electronic Substance. He sees with Limitless Vision, and knows all, because He uses only the All-Knowing Mind of God.

The Ascended Masters always work in perfect co-operation with the Cosmic Law of Love. Students often ask, 'Why, if these Masters are All-wise and All-powerful, do they not correct the discord upon earth and make humanity's suffering cease?' They do help the individual, who wishes to serve the Light, to harmonize his thought and feeling, and bring the body into obedience to the 'Mighty I AM Presence.' They protect him thousands of times, from destructive currents of force and activities of which he has no knowledge, but they cannot and do not fulfill his Plan of Life for him.

About the paintings of the Ascended Masters

The History of the „I AM“ Activity, Chapter Six

Mrs. Da Camara was a professional artist.

She was permitted to see the Ascended Master Figure or Scene before she began to work.

Mrs. Da Camara recalled that during the painting of the Goddess of Purity, the Light was so bright that her eyes watered so much she could not see to paint. She had to stop frequently to dry them. Painting the Rose of Light was a similar experience. A Marvelous Feminine Face surrounded by Flame appeared before her, but so brilliant no other details could be seen. This indeed describes the Picture that resultet: an Expquisite Face within gold and pink Flame, neither hair nor garments nor a background visible.

If the picture was of a full face, she drew half the face, then reversed the drawing and traced the opposing side. The results were features of absolute symmetry: the Ascended Beings do not suffer the uneven features, right and left, of human beings!

Certainly one of the most perfect and exquisite is the Head of God Harmony, painted for the cover of the Song, „Voice of the ‚Presence‘,“ in 1938.

The first feature everyone sees in these Portraits is the large, penetraiting Eyes with their long dark lashes. In a few instances this feature seems to dominate all else in the Picture (Beloved Mary, Rose of Light). In fact, for the viewer to make this observation may be a preparation for the Reality! The Eyes of the Ascended Beings release enormous Power. To approach the true intensity, the artist appeared to accentuate the size, and implied the depth with the deepest tones of her palette.

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