Who is the Ascended Master Saint Germain?

Updated: Aug 25

He is the governing Master for this coming Golden Age which we have entered

The earth and its humanity have entered a New Age. It is destined to become a Golden Age if mankind will return to the beneficent Laws of Life they once knew.

The Great Ascended Master Saint Germain, one of those Powerful Cosmic Beings from the Great Host of Ascended Masters who govern this planet, is the governing Master for this Golden Age.

He is the Greatest Blessing that has ever come to mankind, because He operates under the Ray which is the Purifying Power to the Earth.

Beloved Saint Germain's history and embodiments

Mrs. G. W. Ballard

He is the same Great Masterful One who worked at the Court of France previous to and during the French Revolution and Whose Advice, if it had been heeded, would have prevented the Revolution and saved that great suffering.

It was because of His transcendent Divine Power, that He was referred to at the time as "The Wonderman" of Europe.

His last embodiment was that of Lord Francis Bacon, who was the son of Queen Elizabeth…

He worked continually in that life for the upliftment of England, but because of the intrigue at court and the activities of that age, His work was not allowed to reach the height which could have been attained, had He been obeyed and His Wisdom heeded.

He did write the Shakespearean plays and that is why there has always been the controversy concerning them. Throughout these plays runs continually the Law of Life for which He has always labored …

He was the one who inspired the people of Oberammergau to institute the custom of giving the Passion Play every ten years, in gratitude to God for relief from the plagues and distress which had visited them in that locality.

Beloved Jesus' words about Beloved Saint Germain

Beloved Jesus

Dear ones, you think very kindly of My Ministry and all that I brought to mankind, most of which you do not know. However, your Beloved Saint Germain is completing that Ministry in a magnificent manner which is indescribable.

Why? Because He is the Law, the Authority for the Violet Consuming Flame, which I was not; and that is why My Ministry did not reach further than it did and why much of the Reality which I gave was covered up, in order to prevent mankind having the Freedom which was theirs, or could have been, thru It.

Today, there is being given this Great Great Assistance.

…Your Beloved Saint Germain is the Law which brought the Activity, Law and Power of the Violet Consuming Flame into action upon this Earth…

Remember, these are My Words, and let no human being on Earth doubt it when I say to you that Saint Germain has performed the greatest Service ever attempted by one being on Earth.

With your continued assistance and the gathering of more of mankind — to give the Call and assistance which He asked for — you will see manifested upon Earth, the greatest achievement ever known since the Second Golden Age upon Earth!

How did Beloved Saint Germain bring the Instruction to mankind?

This “I AM“ Instruction was brought forth to the World through our Beloved Mr. G. W. Ballard, who contacted the Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain in the Visible, Tangible Body on Mount Shasta, California in the year 1930. These personal experiences are recorded in the first two books of the Saint Germain Series - “Unveiled Mysteries“ and “The Magic Presence.“

Why can the Ascended Masters help mankind?