Who is Master of the storm? Who is Master of the cataclysmic forces?

Saint Germain, Voice of the „I AM“ November 1993

Do not allow yourselves for one moment to accept that the destructive individuals on this earth are going to undo the Handiwork of Great Cosmic Beings who created the planet in the beginning. That's ridiculous! The most destructive on earth will yet face

the Powers of Nature, who are always their Master. Who is Master of the storm? Who is Master of the waves? Who is Master of the Fire Element? Who is Master of the cataclysmic forces within the crust of the earth? Certainly not the destructive individuals who make war! And they will find one day Nature will arise and bury her opponents because the Powers of Nature will not too long put up with mankind's iniquity.

Saint Germain, Voice of the „I AM“ August 1936

[...] cataclysms only come through the destructive influence of the human and when that is removed, there will be no longer a cause for them.

David Lloyd, Volume No. 10, Discourse No.13

You know your Beloved Saint Germain's Statement was very emphatic, that when cataclysmic action began to take place, the people remaining would jump in the

lap of God and stay there. Well, I very much expect that will be the case; then the people whose attention has been drawn away from the Godhead, will suddenly be reminded after all, there is an Intelligence and Power Greater than man, and never forget it,

Beloved Students.

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