You must turn your attention Godward

Saint Germain from the Volume No. III, Discourse No. VIII

When the student once understands, that whatsoever he connects himself with through his attention, he becomes a part of to the degree of the intensity with which his attention is fixed; he will see the importance of keeping his attention off the seeming destructive angles of human experience, no matter what they are. To discuss the seeming inability, shortcomings, or faults of your friends and associates, but builds that element, upon which your discussion rests, within your own consciousness, and also adds to the appearance, which seems to be in the other individual.

When you allow the attention to become fixed upon a thing, you that moment give it power to act in your world.

Goddess of Music from the Dictation SGC 5049

You are either giving your attention to God or you’re giving it to human problems and human distress. But I say to you the hour is approaching and I might say to you it is now, when you must either command this outer self to turn its attention Godward and stay there or you turn it „troubleward.“

You only have two things if you want Happiness and Perfection and Supply, you must turn your attention Godward and when the attention does not go Godward, it does go "troubleward." ... For when your attention is not on God it is on trouble. The God Presence of Life is the only constructive thing you have anywhere in creation and if your attention is not on that which is constructive, it is on that which is destructive, and if your attention is on that which is destructive, it is on trouble!

… the moment something destructive is brought to "your attention turn right away from it and say, "No I AM going Godward for there is where I belong, there is My Home, there is my Power to make me Victorious over this other condition." Therefore as you turn your attention Godward, there visualize or ask your "Presence" to reveal to you that which it wants to convey into the physical world through you now.

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