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Live Introductory Webinar 

Set your inner God-Self into Action!

Learn about your True Identity
– the "Mighty I AM Presence" –  and how to set this God Self into Action in your daily life!

Starting again in February

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"In the SIMPLICITY of This Instruction is your Freedom!"

- Beloved Saint Germain

"There is no instruction of the outer world that has ever brought you the simplicity and clearness which the Instruction Saint Germain has brought you. He has left nothing unsaid. The Explanation is full and complete and if studied cannot be misunderstood;"

- Lady Master Nada

In our Introductory-Webinar you will learn about …

The "Mighty I AM Presence" 
Your own God Self

The Ascended Masters 
The Divine Beings who guide and help us

The Word "I AM"
The most Creative Word in the universe and how to use It

The Violet Consuming Flame
An activity of the Sacred Fire by which you purify your mind and body

How to give Decrees
How to manifest the Law in your Life and shape your destiny

The Next Steps 

How to become an "I AM" 

This whole Instruction is a free gift of Love to raise the earth! 


This whole instruction is about sharing Knowledge that helps raise the Earth into its Crystal Golden Age. It is a free gift of Love and will never cost anything for its participants. 

Join our weekly

"I AM"-in-Action! afterwards

30 Minutes after the Introductory Webinar starts the weekly "I AM"-in-Action! 

You can join and set into Action what you have learned in the Webinar!


We will give Decrees together with other "I AM" Students from around the world, have short Visualizations and read Ascended Master Words.

Each "I AM"-in-Action! covers a different topic. For example:

"How I can help to bring peace to the world!" or 

"What I can do to control fear and doubt in my feeling world" 

Join our Study Program to check out the next topic in STEP 03.


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